25 Instant Mood Boosters

Sunday 7 July 2019

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts my moods have a bit all over the place this year, which I hate because I know that time spent moping around is wasted time. I’ve discovered that there are a few mini steps I can take to cheer myself up which require minimal time, money and effort, so I thought I’d share them with you.

1. Change your desktop wallpaper to an image that makes you feel happy and hopeful
2. Put on clean bedding
3. Paint your nails a bright colour
4. Call someone who is always glad to hear from you
5. Febreze the sofa cushions and spray a nice room spray
6. Wear your special pyjamas
7. Visit a property website and set the search results to ‘highest price first’ choose your dream house and think about how you would decorate it

8. Watch a clip of your favourite celeb on a funny talk show
9. Write down 5 things you’re looking forward to (no matter how small)
10. Sort out your bedside table/desk so it looks clean and organised
11. Put on a song that you know all of the words to and sing your heart out
12. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air for a few moments, if it’s raining open a window and listen to the rainfall
13. Eat some fruit and drink a glass of ice water

14. Think about your posture, if you’re clenching your stomach then breathe out slowly and relax your muscles
15. Put on a red lip
16. Make a Pinterest board called ‘dream life’ and pin images of 10 things that would make your life perfect, remind yourself that you are working towards making them a reality
17. Watch one of your feel-good movies (or you can choose one of mine, listed here)
18. Make a donation to a charity, even if it’s a small one

19. Wear your favourite perfume
20. Buy yourself a special treat meal (mine is McDonald’s!)
21. Write down how you are feeling
22. Play a cheerful playlist on Spotify
23. Stretch out all of your muscles and touch your toes, do a little ‘shake it off’ dance
24. Make plans to meet with a friend you haven’t seen for ages
25. Wash your hair and put on a face mask

Those are some of the little steps I take to help to improve my mood on gloomy days, I'd love to hear some of yours!

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