The Most Beautiful Advent Calendar from Glam Wax*

Saturday 14 November 2020

Photo of Glam Wax Advent Calendar with festive decor

*Sponsored post in collaboration with Glam Wax*

I can't believe my favourite time of the year has finally arrived ... it's Advent Calendar Season! This year I was lucky enough to get my hands on the brand new advent calendar from Glam Wax, I had been eagerly waiting for it to be released and it was truly love at first sight! I am a huge fan of Glam Wax melts because they have the most amazing fragrances, so I was super excited to try their Christmas scent range, most of which can be found in their 2020 advent calendar hidden behind 25 beautifully decorated doors. I'm going to be listing all of the scents below, so scroll past the next paragraph if you would like to be surprised. 

Photo of assorted Glam Wax melts

Glam Wax are known for their amazing scent range and their Christmas melts are just as beautiful, a couple of them might even be my new favourites! There are 9 different scents included in the 2020 advent calendar, these are:

3 x Christmas Tree 

3 x Candy Cane 

3 x White Cocoa and Christmas Cookies 

3 x Gingerbread Gal 

3 x Cozy Winter Nights 

3 x Snow Walk 

3 x Nutcracker 

3 x Cherries on Snow 

1 x Christmas Pudding 

I don't want to give too much away but my absolute favourites are Christmas Tree (because it has the magical smell of an actual Christmas tree) and Nutcracker which smells just like warm cinnamon cookies. I'm looking forward to having a beautifully festive smelling home for 25 days, it's really going to add to the Christmas magic! Each melt lasts for 9-10 hours in total and the fragrance is strong enough to fill any room. If you are in need of a burner to melt them, Glam Wax have a beautiful range which you can browse here

Photo of Glam Wax advent calendar on pink background

I love that Glam Wax decided to add 25 doors to their calendar, I've seen a few 12 day beauty advent calendars and its just not enough for me, I want every morning in December to feel like Christmas day. The packaging design is so beautiful that I almost wish I could keep it unopened, its a dream for any pink lover. The calendar costs £28 and is only available until the 20th of November, so if you want to get hold of one you'll have to move quickly! They have very kindly given me a discount code to share with you, use FAYE10 at the checkout for 10% off of your order. 

Will you be treating yourself to an advent calendar this year? 

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