5 Feel Good Movies For Gloomy Days

Wednesday 19 June 2019

I've always been quite an emotional person, but this year my moods have been all over the place. I can start a day feeling positive and hopeful and end it sobbing into my pillow, which can be really difficult to deal with. In the past I haven’t been a big movie watcher, I’m a terrible fidget so I find it difficult to sit still for two whole hours, but recently I’ve discovered the power of movies for lifting my low moods into a more positive place. Here are some of my go-to feel-good watches. 

The Greatest Showman

This Is Me Greatest Showman GIF

Of course, The Greatest Showman was always going to make it onto this list! I first watched it on the 11-hour plane journey to Las Vegas last summer and I loved it so much that I actually ended up watching it twice on the same flight. The musical story tells of a poor boy who grows up to escape poverty by creating the world famous Barnum’s Circus, on the way he meets characters that have been cast aside by society and gives them a platform to showcase their talents. Throughout the course of the movie, they all begin to realise that they are worthy of love and that their differences actually make them stronger, summarised in the brilliant hit song ‘This is Me’. The soundtrack is amazing and the message is heartfelt, by the end of the movie you too will be chanting the words ‘I am brave, I am bruised. I am who I’m meant to be, this is me.’


Bridesmaids Party GIF

I’m sure by now everyone has seen Bridesmaids, it seems to be on TV every Saturday night at the moment! The story follows Annie, a woman whose life is a bit of a mess, as she tries to be the most amazing Maid of Honour possible to her best friend, facing competition from one of the bridesmaids (who is irritatingly perfect and conveniently wealthy). Through the course of the movie Annie’s life spirals further out of control into the realms of the ridiculous, everything she touches seems to fall apart. There are plenty of genuine laugh out loud moments, you can't help but get on board with the silliness.

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada Spell Gabanna GIF

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourite movies of all time, as a fellow fashion outcast who somehow managed to land a job in the industry I have found myself relating to Andy at different points in my career. The movie revolves around a luxury fashion magazine called Runway (which is totally based on Vogue) and Andy’s struggle to make it as an editors assistant. All Andy wants is to stay for long enough to get some experience on her CV, but finds herself getting caught up in all of the drama that comes with holding such a coveted position. Her monster boss, Miranda Priestly, is incredibly demanding which starts to affect Andy’s relationships outside of work, this pushes her to eventually realise what is most important to her in life.

Isn’t It Romantic

During my trip to New York I decided to visit an American cinema, I was really excited to see how the experience would differ from cinemas in the UK (conclusion - the audience were much more vocal, often cheering and clapping along and the snacks were three times the size and the price.) The movie I saw was ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ which is both a parody of a romantic comedy and a romantic comedy itself. Rebel Wilson plays Natalie, a cynical New York architect who hits her head and wakes up trapped in a rom-com world (her worst nightmare) complete with singing, dancing and love interest of course! The movie is very cheesy but because it’s parodying cheesiness you will be totally on board with it, it made me smile from ear to ear and I was actually a little sad when it ended!

‘Your eggo is preggo.’ Surely one of the most quotable comedy movies of all time, Juno will forever be one of my favourites for when I’m in need of a good cheering up. The storyline is simple; 16-year-old Juno becomes accidentally pregnant and decides to have the baby and put it up for adoption. I can’t pinpoint what exactly makes this movie so special but every time I watch it pulls me away from my own emotions, I’ll laugh and cry along with the characters and forget that the real world even exists for 96 minutes.

So those are my top picks for movies that make me feel better, I'd love to hear some of yours! 

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