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Sunday 16 June 2019

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Having taken an accidental 7 month break from blogging I’ve decided to make yet another come back, this time in a much clearer mental space and with a plan up my sleeve. I’ve never been able to commit to blogging before, I’ve always blamed a lack of time for my lazy posting schedule (which is somewhat a valid excuse considering it feels like I spend every hour under the sun working my full-time job), but if I’m being totally honest, the main reason was because I found my own content to be so uninspiring that I couldn’t drum up the motivation to keep posting it. I’ll admit that I would have never read my own blog in the past, but that’s going to change from now on. I’m committing to posting only content that I enjoy writing, content which contains more of my personality and comes from the heart, I hope you’ll want to follow along with my new blogging journey, I’d love to see your face around here! Now that I’ve got that off my chest let’s get into the post.

One of my personal goals for this year is to gain style confidence, I want to focus on creating my own look and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone, silencing my anxieties and wearing clothes that I would never have considered before, I’m basically giving myself a Gok Wan makeover. For me, the least ‘scary’ place to start my style journey is with accessories. Here are 4 recent additions to my wardrobe that have made such a difference already!

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

My choice to purchase the classic black and red bucket bag from Mansur Gavriel was not a radical one, but it is symbolic of my decision to start investing more heavily in my style. For the past 4 years, I have worn a very convincing high street replica of this exact bag for work, so when the strap finally gave way I decided it was time to take the plunge and invest in the real thing. My previous bag was so similar that no one at work even noticed the change, the only obvious difference is the smell of leather which was missing from my plastic Zara version, and a much more sturdy looking strap!

Gucci Marmont Camera bag

I bought this beauty with a hefty discount, but even so, it is the most expensive item I have ever added to my wardrobe. The Gucci Marmont Camera Bag has been on my wishlist for years, my love is so strong that I even created a folder on my iPhone dedicated to photos I found of it on Pinterest! When I received my bonus at work this year I knew I had to have it, and though the spending guilt has been even stronger than usual with a wedding to plan, I’m incredibly glad I went through with the purchase. The bag is perfectly sized for day wear, comfortably housing my keys, phone, wallet and emergency bag of Veggie Percy Pigs (essential!) I chose white over tan because I wanted to be able to wear it with any outfit, so I’m sure to get so much wear out of this bag.
Bridal Shoes

I’m not a heel wearer, I’m so clumsy that I fall over in flats and I can't imagine anything more stressful than having to walk any distance feeling like Bambi on ice. I decided to buy some bridal style shoes to practice walking in because I would love to wear heels on my wedding day, at 5ft4 I feel like I will need the lift to pull off the style of wedding dress that I want to wear, plus I feel like I want to wear something different on my feet for such a special occasion. I had never intended to wear these for my actual wedding but the reception from you guys on my Instagram photos has actually made me think twice! They were a total bargain too so double win.

Moon and Star Hair Slides

There’s not much to say about these hair slides that I found on Not On The High Street other than that they are gorgeous and so unique. If you follow my Instagram you may have noticed my obsession with stars and crescent moons, I often use them to add a little sparkle to my flatlays. I find they make everything look just that bit more magical, which is definitely the aesthetic I’m aiming for in my style choices!

Hopefully, as my style continues to develop in the coming months I’ll have some more updates to share. Have you made any changes to your wardrobe this year?

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