A Luxury Beauty Wishlist*

Wednesday 23 August 2017

I thought it was about time that I made another wishlist, since I've now purchased almost everything on my previous one! I've decided to focus this one around luxury beauty products, because they are my favourite items to spend my hard earned cash on. I just love the feeling of finally owning a beautiful perfume or lipstick after months of obsessing over it, so I'm going to show you some of the products that I can't get out of my mind this month. 

Perfumes are my favourite luxury beauty product to own and to gift, because they can be so personal and heart-felt, and if you manage to find the perfect scent it will stay with you for a lifetime. Having added my first Jo Malone fragrance to my collection (I went for Red Roses, and I love it), I'm now dreaming of purchasing my first ever Clive Christian Fragrance* because everything about them, from the intricately designed packaging to the rare precious ingredients they contain, ooze luxury. I'm particularly interested in their limited edition perfume sets, because I've fallen in love with the idea of buying the feminine one for myself, and the masculine version of the same scent for my partner. On their website they talk about how, in the Victorian Era, you would gift a perfume to tell a story or to send a message, which is a concept that really appeals to the die hard romantic in me! 

Next up is a skincare product that has been on my wishlist for many moons (pun intended) - Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I've read so many rave reviews about this overnight skin treatment, with claims that it heals and restores your skin as you snooze, leaving your skin fresh, glowy and free from blemishes. Though I don't expect this product to work miracles on me, I would love to see the effect it could have on my dry, acne prone skin.  

Another skincare product I've been dreaming of lately is Aerin's Rose Night Table Cream. My skin generally takes really well to products containing rose, and this moisturiser/overnight mask is supposed to be a wonder product for skin types that are very dehydrated, so I'm convinced that this could be a new holy grail option for me, plus it comes in a pink pot! Now just to come to terms with the £60 price point ...

Although candles don't technically fall under the "beauty" umbrella, I couldn't create a luxury wishlist without including the one item I have been longing to add to my collection for years - a Fornasseti Candle. These candles come in the most beautiful ceramic jars which you can use to store jewellery or trinkets once it has fully burned, which admittedly will take a while, as they burn for 60 hours! As we sell these candles at work I have been fortunate enough to get to sniff them all, and I have fallen in love with Ortensia, which has a floral scent containing white rose and jasmine. I've already saved a spot for this beauty on my dresser, so now to start saving the pennies!

When it comes to luxury makeup brands, Tom Ford is the king of them all. I currently own one just one Tom Ford lipstick, which I am almost too frightened to use incase the embossing fades, but that hasn't stopped me from obsessing over these stunning gold cased bronzers. The only reason I haven't already picked one up is my indecisiveness over which shade to choose for my pale skin, although right now I'm really liking the look of "Bronze Age" so I think that might be the one that I eventually choose. 

Last up on my wishlist of dreams is possibly the most beautifully packaged lipstick that has ever existed - Christian Louboutin's Matte Lip Colour. I was actually given a HUGE box of these to colour match at work (and I mean huge - I had to check about 150 of these little beauties!) which is where I first fell in love with them. Though I had to give them back after a few days (they had to surgically remove them from my greedy little clasp) I did get to swatch every single one of them, so I can vouch for the fact that the formula and shade range of these lipsticks is incredible. I still haven't decided on my favourite shade, but I'm leaning toward one of the reds.

If you made it to the end of this post with your bank balance in tact then well done you! Let me know if you have added any of these products to your wishlist!


This post is sponsored by Clive Christian 

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