The Drugstore Only Month

Sunday 28 May 2017

30 days ago I decided to only purchase drugstore/budget friendly makeup for a month. Recently I've been spending a little above my means, and I am determined that I will not get myself into any kind of debt (asides from my student loan and ginormous 35 year mortgage, of course *sob.) I know that some people will be wondering why I didn't just stop buying makeup for a month, which is a fair question, but honestly I know myself well enough to understand that if I restrict myself to that extent, the next month I will binge shop, which is actually more dangerous for my bank balance! I've discovered some amazing new products that I love, and also some not so loveable ones, which I'm going to share with you.
Bourjois Concealers

Bourjois are probably my favourite drugstore brand,  I adore their Healthy Mix foundation so much that I always buy two bottles before I go on holiday in different shades, so that I can mix them if I get a tan. I was super excited when I saw that they had bought out a concealer version, and I purchased it in the lightest shade, 51 - light, the shade that I usually take in the foundation. The coverage is fantastic, even better than my usual Nars Creamy Concealer, and it stays in place for hours without creasing or fading. Sadly, the lightest shade is just way too dark for me, it left actual orange marks on my skin which I couldn't budge without removing my whole base and starting again. 

Feeling disappointed, but not defeated, I decided to try another of the new Bourjois concealers, Radiance Reveal. I chose the lightest shade, 01 but this time it was a good match (I've swatched them both below so you can see the difference). Radiance Reveal is a nice concealer, I like using it under my eyes because it's so brightening, and it hasn't creased up on me, however the coverage just isn't there for blemish concealing, which is a shame!

I'm definitely going to keep hold of the Healthy Mix concealer for the summer, as I'm sure it will be a perfect match for me when I have more of a tan, but for the meantime I think I'm going to go back to high end, I've got my eye on the NARS soft matte concealer! 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I've watched Tanya Burr's videos for a long time now, and though I don't have much time for youtube anymore, I still like to pop in occasionally to catch up on her tutorials. I had never tried her makeup range before, so I decided to pick up a couple of bits from Superdrug: the My Paradise eyeshadow palette, Holiday Happiness Cheek Illuminator, and a lipstick in the shade Big Kiss.  

The eyeshadow palette contains 4 warm toned, everyday wearable shades. I'm a "one shade over the lid" kinda girl, and most of these shades work well for me. The only one I can't see myself using is Hammock, which just seems to look dirty and patchy on my skin. I have to mention that the packaging of this palette is right up my street, the cute little pineapple embossing is a lovely addition to such an affordable product.

Next up is the Cheek Illuminator, which I actually grabbed because it's a total packaging dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Beach Stick. The colour looks like such a vibrant pink in the tube that I was too nervous to dab it straight on to my cheek, but using a brush it actually adds just a sheer wash of colour, and an extra hit of glow. 

I decided not to go for a nude lipstick this time, because I already own more than I could possibly use, so instead I picked up Big Kiss, which is a beautiful vibrant pinky red. The lasting power of these lipsticks isn't amazing, so you're probably not going to want to wear this shade before heading out to dinner, but it is such a beautiful colour that I'll probably get a lot of wear out of. 

NYX Epic Ink Liner + Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil 

I was actually recommended the NYX Epic Ink Liner by a friend who said it was a dupe for the Kat Von D Tattoo liner. Though I can't vouch for that claim, since my Kat Von D liner dried out before I had a chance to use it, it definitely looks similar with it's super thin nib and is so easy to apply, it glides across my lid leaving a perfectly straight, jet black line. It may have knocked my old favourite, Soap and Glory's Supercat, off of it's top spot. 

I also repurchased Soap and Glory's Archery Brow Pencil which I like to use just to fill in any gaps in my already full brows. Because I didn't pluck when I was younger, I'm very fortunate that I can get away with not having to use a product at all, but they do look a bit more finished when I use this pencil. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational 

I originally picked up the waterproof version of this mascara, which was horrible, but I still really wanted to try the original because it is so well loved on Instagram! Though it could never replace my beloved Too Faced Better Than Sex, this mascara is actually really nice! It definitely adds extra volume to my almost non-existent lashes, and it doesn't flake at all where my BTS one does, but I could do with a bit of extra lift, as my lashes are also very straight, which this just didn't provide.  


Perhaps the best thing to have come out of my drugstore only month is my discovery of No7 makeup. I picked up the bronzer in the shade Maple and it was love at first swatch. I find it very difficult to find bronze shades that work for my super pale skin without leaving an orange looking stain, but this one is perfect. Pale skinned girls, get down to Boots and give this one a swatch ASAP! 

The second No7 product that I discovered (and fell in love with) was the Instant Radiance Highlighter. I like to apply this before my foundation for a subtle glow, and after foundation for a full on dewy look. It applies really easily, without moving my makeup around, and adds a healthy hit of glow without a single sparkle of glitter in sight. I love that it's a creamy formula, rather than powder, because it helps my makeup to look fresh and avoids the cakey look. 

Overall, drugstore only month was a success! Though I ended up picking up loads of products and probably not saving much extra cash, I have found some new favourites which I will use in place of my old high-end options, which will save me money in the long run. Let me know what drugstore bits you've been loving.


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