The Most Beautiful Products In My Collection

Sunday 16 April 2017

As I confess my love for at least one beautifully packaged product per blog post, I thought it was finally time to dedicate a whole post to the subject. I know it's not right to judge a book by it's cover, but for me design does play an important role in deciding whether to make a purchase or not, especially if the product has a high price point. I like my makeup to have an attractive exterior so I can display it nicely on my dressing table, but it also has to work for my skin type and be something that I will get a lot of wear out of, which means I'm quite selective with my choices! I've put together a list of the most beautiful products in my collection, all of which I wear constantly.

Charlotte Tilbury

I started to make a list of the most beautiful Charlotte Tilbury products to feature in this post, but then I realised that I was including literally everything, so I decided to mention the brand as a whole instead. I am yet to try a disappointing Charlotte Tilbury product, so I don't have to worry that the pretty exterior is a compromise for quality when making a purchase. My favourites are of course her lipsticks, which are presented in rose gold casing; they don't dry out my lips and the lasting power is great. If you're yet to try your first lipstick from the brand then I recommend checking out Pillow Talk and Super Cindy which are gorgeous everyday shades. Another product that I highly recommend is the Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette, which contains one of the best non-glittery highlighters that I have ever tried, and the gold packaging has a beautiful vintage feel to it. 

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer 002

When I spotted Dior's Nude Air Luminizer on Amelia's Instagram,  I headed to the House of Fraser website faster than you can say "goodbye holiday savings". You'll have probably noticed by this point that I am a sucker for metal packaging, to me it makes a product feel more sturdy and less breakable, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. I have used this powder almost every day since it landed on my doorstep, so much that I am worried that the pretty embossing is already beginning to fade! I'm so in love with the soft glowy look that it adds to my skin. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush 

Hourglass is another brand that can do no wrong in my eyes. My love affair started when I managed to pick up one of their Ambient Lighting Blush palettes for only £5 in a sample sale, and I used all of the shades till I hit pan, even the one that wasn't quite right for my skin tone, because I had never used a product that felt so luxe before. Since then I have added a couple more products to my collection, an individual blush (in Lumious Flush, a shade which really flatters my skin tone) and the Ambient Lighting Edit which is presented in faux marble ... so Instagrammable! 

Milani Powder Blush 

I hadn't planned to mention Milani, as I just spoke about my them in my "brands I want to try more from" post, but I just couldn't write about beautiful design and not include them! I love the gold packaging of all Milani products, but I'm especially smitten with the romantic rose petal embossing that they include on the Powder Blushes. Their products look gorgeous on display, and are also really lovely to use, they're almost too good to be true considering the drugstore price tag. 

Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection

Too Faced's Papa Don't Peach blush is as cute as a button. I love the name, I love the smiling peach design and I love that it smells like peaches! This has been my go-to blush this springtime, as it adds a beautiful glow to my skin, as well as being a really pretty peachy shade. I am still (just about) resisting the temptation to buy the full palette, as it looks so adorable, but I've heard mixed reviews about how the shades actually perform. 

So those are the prettiest products in my collection, the ones I display proudly on my dressing table, and my Instagram account! What is the most beautiful product you own? 


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