Trying False Lashes For The First Time

Thursday 9 March 2017

Technically this isn't the first time I've tried false lashes. The first time was back in my teenage years, I remember that it took me about 20 attempts to get anywhere close to my actual lash line (although admittedly at the time I was bopping around my bedroom to Fall Out Boy), and then about an hour into the party they began their slow and embarrassing descent down my face, never to be seen again.

Needless to say, after lashfacegate I wasn't in a hurry to try falsies again any time soon, but when the team at got in contact to ask if I wanted to test out some of their lashes I decided it was time to leave the past in the past, and give them another go.

To hardcore lash lovers falseeyelashes will be heaven on earth, they have pretty much every brand and variation imaginable, which to me as a novice was a little daunting. I decided to go for a natural looking pair from a brand I had heard a lot about, Ardell, and one more adventurous option from a brand that was new to me, Tatti. I chose a glue from Eyelure (another brand I had heard of) and used it for both sets. Here's how it went.

I opted for the Ardell 109 Natural's* because I wanted to choose a brand name that I was familiar with, and these looked to be the most wearable of the bunch. As a total newbie even the very first step, picking them up with the tweezers, caused me some problems, as they were so thin that I couldn't get a good hold of them. However, once I'd actually managed to get them up to my lash line they were very easy to apply, and only required a teeny bit of tweaking.

Since my actual eyelashes are quite short and straight I wasn't sure that I would like the way that longer lashes looked on my face, so I was really surprised when I first peeked at the mirror. These are very subtle, I don't think they would do much for people with naturally thick or curly lashes, but as mine are almost non-existent, they transformed my face, making my eyes appear bigger and my face seem somehow better proportioned, which gave me a huge confidence boost ... I even found myself fluttering them at the cashier in Sainsbury's! They were really comfortable to wear and at no point did I feel like they might slide off of my face.

Despite the initial wobble (practice makes perfect), I will definitely be wearing these again in the future. Unfortunately I don't have time to apply falsies every morning, but I will certainly dig them out for special occasions, or for when I just really need a boost of confidence.

I mentioned in my intro paragraph that I had wanted to try both a natural pair and a more dramatic pair of falsies for this review, so I decided to go for the Tatti TL21 Brazillian Silk lashes* which certainly fit into the "dramatic" category. These arrived in an adorable little pink slide box, which made them easy to get out of the packing, and which is perfect for storing them for future use. I first tried to apply these with the glue provided, which was a messy disaster as almost nothing came out of the tube unless I squeezed it really hard, so I switched back over to the trusty Eylure adhesive. The one advantage of these lashes vs the Ardell Naturals is that these were easier to grasp with the Tweezers, because they are so incredibly thick and fluffy. However, these were much more difficult to apply to my lash line, which was at least partly my fault, as the lashes were a little too long but I was too afraid to trim them and ruin them.

Now I can imagine these would look incredible on one of those stunning girls you see on Instagram, with perfect brows, flawless contour and so much glow that you can almost see yourself reflected in their cheekbones, but on plain ole' me they looked a bit ridiculous. Instead of making my eyes look bigger I felt like they shrunk them, and I just couldn't get used to the look at all.

Unfortunately, in addition to not liking the way they looked, they were also really heavy and I felt constantly worried that they would fall off,  so I ended up removing them after just an hour.

So that was my first time experience! If you have any recommendations for what I should try next then leave me some suggestions in the comments! I'm definitely going to head back over to falseeyelashes to browse the Ardell category some more, I've been eyeing up the Demi Wispies, which are a bit less subtle than the naturals, but apparently still look really real, I'll let you know how I get on.
*PR sample, my review expresses my own honest opinions 

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