5 Things I've Loved in December

Monday 26 December 2016

December is one of my favourite months of the year, it's so magical with the anticipation of Christmas in the air and all of the amazing food and nostalgic music, I honestly love pretty much everything about it. I'm not sure if many people are interested in these types of post but I love to read them, so here are 5 things I have been obsessed with in this special month.  

1. Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colours
Though this isn't strictly a Christmas tune I love to listen to it at this time of year because it reminds me of my own humble upbringing, and it helps to keep me grounded in the mania of Christmas shopping. I feel like in advertising so much emphasis is put of the quest to find the perfect gift that we become obsessed with buying something amazing, and overlook the fact that the perfect gift might simply be a silly joke written in a Christmas card from your sister, or just having the opportunity to spend time with the people you care about. Plus Dolly's voice is so beautiful, especially in the version below. 

2. Vlogmas
This year it seems that everyone has taken part in Vlogmas, which is amazing! Sadly I had to cut out a few channels that I really wanted to watch because I don't really have time to watch 10 Vlogmas videos when I get home from work every night, but my favourites are Lily Pebbles (her vlogs are always my favourites!), Fleur De Force, Claudia Sulewski and Niomi Smart. Let me know your top Vlogmas picks this year in the comments!

3. Gift Guides
I'll admit to having a love/hate relationship with Gift Guides. I love them because they are so helpful for finding gifts for people who are trickier to buy for, and because it takes away so much of the hassel of trawling the web. However I really should avoid them, because I am so easily enabled that I'm sure to buy something from every guide I see, and my poor bank account can't take it! I really do love reading them though, so much so that I was even inspired to put together my own one this year. My favourites were this beauty guide from Kate La Vie (actually, all of hers were amazing), these home decor picks from Sophie's Makeup Blog, and this stocking filler inspiration from Pint Sized Beauty.  

4. Freaks and Geeks
I know I am so late to the party (17 years to be precise) but really HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS SHOW?! It popped up in my Youtube recommendations and I thought I would give it a try - I binge watched 6 episodes in a row. It's a teen comedy-drama from the 90's, but it's set in the 80's. If I were to describe it I would say to take the teenagers from The Breakfast Club, the teachers from Mean Girls, the nerds from Napoleon Dynamite and add in a little Lizzie Mcguire-esque moral of the story. The whole series is on Youtube so if you are looking for some funny, easy watching then I completely recommend this.

5. Lush
I pretty much always love Lush but this love really intensifies in the festive season because they always bring out so many amazing products. This year I am really loving the Rose Jam Shower Gel - I still can't believe I missed this last year because it is my dream shower product! The Sleepy Body Lotion - although I can't say that this has helped to correct my awful sleeping patterns it does smell beautiful and is very moisturising, the Magic Wand Bubble Bar and the Snow Angel Bath Melt which literally makes your bath water glittery, is there anything more festive in this world?  

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Even though I'm really sad that December is coming to a close, I am also excited to see what January has to offer, so bring on 2017! 

F x

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