Retail Therapy on a Budget

Wednesday 26 October 2016

When I’m having a really bad day, often there’s only one thing that can cheer me up … shopping. Recently I’ve discovered that I don’t have to make a big purchase, or indulge in a shopping spree, just picking up a something small and affordable can do the trick. With this in mind I’ve made a list of the best little treats you can pick up on the high-street/online for less than a tenner. Enjoy!


For cute socks I look no further than ASOS which has a fantastic selection. My picks would be the super sweet dino/unicorn ankle sock duo –  I would feel better for just wearing these under my work clothes, I could kick off my shoes, peek at the smiley dino faces and have a little cry (I joke). Next up is the cosy pompom bed socks for £5 - they’re like a hug for your feet, perfect for the cold October mornings, and finally pink socks complete with a unicorn horn – need I say more! 


For less than £10 you can’t expect solid silver encrusted with jewels, but you can pick up some lovely costume jewellery. This adorable cat ring is a real Ebay bargain.  Sure it’ll probably turn your fingers green if you forget to take it off after a few hours, but for £1 with free shipping, I would buy it even just to use for a blog photo prop! This H&M ring set of 6 come in gold, silver and rose gold and are perfect for stacking. Etsy is a goldmine for affordable costume jewellery, I really like this silver infinity necklace, so pretty!


Primark is my go to for budget home accessories, but since it’s not available online H&M is another safe bet. I love this white pineapple candle, it’s very on trend and only £4.99! My next two picks are both from ASOS, an adorable cactus dish and copper photo frame, and would both perfect for the office.


I’m a big fan of high-end makeup, but drugstore alternatives can be just as good, in some cases I even prefer the drugstore dupes! I love picking up nail polishes and my favourite brand is Essie, the shade “A list” is a perfect autumn red. I always feel a bit more put together when I wear red lipstick and for me it doesn’t get much better than the Rimmel Kate Moss Collection, pretty much all of the shades are beautiful, but my favourite is 111. Lastly, to get that healthy glow even when you feel as unhealthy as can be, the Tanya Burr Face Illuminator will instantly perk up your complexion and make you look radiant


I found this cat shaped makeup bag on ebay, it’s a replica of the Urban Outfitters version but for £10 less, bargain! The ultimate way I cheer myself up when I’m having a bad day is to take a bath, I throw in a Lush bath bomb and let my worries float away.  Finally, sometimes there’s really only one thing left that can help me – sugar. In this case I’ll grab myself some Krispy Kreme donuts and eat away the pain! 

I hope this guide was useful! Let me know in the comments if you decide to buy anything. 

F x 

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