Photography Lessons I Have Learned from Other Bloggers

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Recently I've been thinking about how lucky I am to have stumbled into this incredible world of beauty blogging. Over the past few months I have been constantly surprised and overwhelmed by how helpful and genuinely friendly people are towards each other; the way that everyone shares their tips and tricks, and how bigger bloggers will shine a light on much smaller blogs if they think their content deserves attention (this is particularly amazing to me because no one in my industry would ever do that!)
I come from a fashion photography background, so I already had a good knowledge of camera settings and of how to shoot in different lighting conditions, but I really didn't know anything about blog photography prior to starting my blog a couple of months ago. I decided to feature some of the bloggers that I have learned the most from so far, the ones who inspire me every day to work harder to take beautiful images. 


Photography by Jodie (left) and Lily (right) 

Every time an image pops up on my Instagram feed from either Jodie or Lily I have to pause what I'm doing and stare at it for a solid minute. Firstly their use of colour is always incredible, everything just ties together so perfectly. They also have a way of positioning each item in the frame so that nothing ever jumps out as being distracting. You can always tell which product is the main focus but theres also enough going on in the shot that you want to click through to the blog post to see more. I've recently started to take more "blog style" photos in addition to my flatlays, and when I'm taking them I always have Jodie and Lily's blogs open as inspiration. 

Photography by Sally 

I really couldn't talk about composition and not mention Sally's blog. Her flatlays are so inspirational that they make me both want to grab my camera and start shooting, and also throw my camera out of the window because I will never have her talent. Everything has a place in Sally's images, nothing is there accidentally and every element is perfectly positioned to the point where I think she much use a ruler! Her backgrounds are always really clean but also interesting, and again there is never anything distracting in her shots. She is simply the flatlay queen. 


Photography by Gemma (left) and Sophie (right) 

This is my favourite topic to talk about because I am a prop fanatic ... I probably spend more money on props than I spend on actual beauty products! Gemma and Sophie are my two favourites in this category, as both use gorgeous accessories such clever ways. Gemma uses a lot of string and ribbon, I love the way she twirls the ribbons between and under the other elements in the picture so that everything ties together so well, she also makes use of flowers and petals which give her images a soft feminine feel. Sophie's images also have a really feminine feel, and she often uses props that I haven't seen anyone else use (for example the image above with the champagne bottle - genius!) I actually started to use confetti in my images because I just loved the effect that it had in her pictures. Both of these girls are extremely talented, I'm sure you all follow them already but if not you should check them out! 

Photography by Kate (left) and Rebecca (Right)
The two bloggers that I'm featuring in this category, Rebecca and Kate, use all of the above elements flawlessly, in a way that makes me want to buy pretty much anything they photograph. They both make brilliant use of colour, interesting compositions and gorgeous props which help their photography to stand out. I spend a lot of time looking at their photos and trying to figure out exactly what I love so much about them, and right now I'm trying to think of a less irritating way of saying that they are "#goals". When I scroll through their Instagram feed's or blog posts I feel like I've entered a beautiful new world, where everything is pretty and pink and well organised, and I just want my life too look like that. I'm still trying to figure out how they manage to do it so well, and if it's even possible to replicate, but for the meantime I'm really enjoying scrolling through the wonderful little spaces they've created. 

So those are a few of the bloggers that I am really inspired by at the moment, of course there are so many more that I could have featured (I might even do a second post soon). You should check them all out if you're not already following them! Let me know who is inspiring you right now in the comments, I love discovering new bloggers! 


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